This Week’s Deals With Gold And Spotlight Sale

Here are this week’s competitions and add-on treats on the Xbox Games Store. Rebates are valid now through 14 October 2019.

These spates are due to expire at 10:00 am UTC on Tuesday October 15 th 2019

Xbox One Deals

Content TitleContent TypeDiscountNotesMonster Hunter: WorldXbox One X Enhanced3 3% DWGAnimus- Stand AloneXbox Play Anywhere2 5% DWGWindscapeXbox One Game3 0% DWGBattle Chasers: NightwarXbox One X Enhanced7 5% DWGThe Story Goes OnXbox One Game3 3% DWGRock Band 4 Adversaries BundleXbox One Game4 0% DWGPower Rangers: Battle for the GridXbox One Game3 5% DWGSplasherXbox One Game6 7% DWGCannon BrawlXbox One Game5 0% DWGMust Dash AmigosXbox One Game5 0% DWGn Verlore VerstandXbox One Game6 5% DWGPlease, Don’t Touch AnythingXbox One X Enhanced4 0% DWGPower Rangers: Battle for the Grid- Digital Collector’s EditionXbox One Game4 0% DWGRock Band 4- 30 Song MegapackAdd-On4 0% DWGRock Band 4- Adversaries ExpansionAdd-On4 0% DWGThe MoosemanXbox One X Enhanced4 0% DWGTitan QuestXbox One X Enhanced7 0% DWGTurok 2: Seeds Of EvilXbox One Game6 0% DWGRapala Fishing: Pro SeriesXbox One Game7 0% Spotlight SaleRapala Fishing: Pro Series- Lake Okeechobee Pack DLCAdd-On7 0% Spotlight SaleNeon ChromeXbox One X Enhanced6 0% Spotlight SaleNeon Chrome- ArenaAdd-On6 0% Spotlight SaleRegalia: Of Men and Monarchs- Royal EditionXbox One Game5 0% Spotlight SaleLichtspeer: Doubled Speer EditionXbox Play Anywhere7 0% Spotlight SaleSublevel Zero ReduxXbox One Game7 5% Spotlight SaleCast Of The Seven Godsends- ReduxXbox One Game8 0% Spotlight SaleArcade Islands: Capacity OneXbox One Game5 0% Spotlight SaleARK: Survival EvolvedXbox Game Pass6 5% Spotlight SaleDon’t Starve Mega PackXbox One Game7 0% Spotlight SaleThe Long DarkXbox One Game5 0% Spotlight SaleShelteredXbox One Game7 5% Spotlight Sale2URVIVEXbox One Game3 0% Spotlight Sale7 Days to DieXbox One Game4 0% Spotlight SaleARK: Survival Evolved Explorer’s EditionXbox One Game5 0% Spotlight SaleBad North: Jotunn EditionXbox Game Pass4 0% Spotlight SaleBlacksea OdysseyXbox One Game6 7% Spotlight SaleConan Exiles- Complete EditionXbox One X Enhanced5 0% Spotlight SaleConan Exiles- Deluxe EditionXbox One X Enhanced5 0% Spotlight SaleConan ExilesXbox One X Enhanced5 0% Spotlight SaleCrimsonlandXbox One Game5 0% Spotlight SaleDead AgeXbox One Game6 0% Spotlight SaleDeath Road to CanadaXbox One Game4 0% Spotlight SaleFAR: Lone SailXbox One Game3 3% Spotlight SaleFrostXbox One Game6 7% Spotlight SaleHyper SentinelXbox One X Enhanced7 5% Spotlight Sale #KILLALLZOMBIESXbox One Game6 7% Spotlight SaleNo Man’s SkyXbox One X Enhanced4 0% Spotlight SaleOutbreak: Lost HopeXbox One Game4 0% Spotlight SaleOutbreak: The Nightmare CollectionXbox One Game5 0% Spotlight SalePenariumXbox One Game7 5% Spotlight SaleRemothered: Tormented Father-godXbox One X Enhanced6 0% Spotlight SaleSkyhillXbox One Game6 0% Spotlight SaleSuper Blood HockeyXbox One Game5 0% Spotlight SaleThe BunkerXbox One Game4 0% Spotlight SaleThe Solus ProjectXbox One Game6 0% Spotlight SaleThea: The AwakeningXbox One Game5 0% Spotlight SaleToroXbox One Game5 0% Spotlight SaleVaccineXbox One Game6 0% Spotlight SaleWorse Than DeathXbox One Game2 0% Spotlight SaleYet Another Zombie Defense HDXbox One X Enhanced3 3% Spotlight Sale

* These gives are only valid for Xbox Live Gold members.

Please note: rates and accessibility are subject to change and may vary by region.

Xbox 360 Copes: Stay sung- will be added once all of the slews are live.


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