Review: Freedom Finger – The World’s Most Offensive Shmup Is A Complete Blast

Blue Moon.

Freedom Finger instead bravely describes itself as “bat$ h !% crazy”. Usually, when we come across a game with such confidence in its own brand of zany slapstick madness, we tend to err on the side of caution. It’s not an easy thing to draw off, especially in such a way that everyone is likely to agree. However, in actual fact, Freedom Finger is absolutely bat$ h !% crazy, and then some. This is a properly madcap 2D, hand-drawn shmup that fees you, a top-flight pilot known as Gamma Ray, with taking dominate of a fist-shaped ship, its middle thumb moment forward in permanent curse, as you combat the Chinese, Russians and a whole lot of space-based insanity in between.

The story here verifies you charged by the foul-mouthed, politically incorrect, Donald Trump-esque Major Cigar, played by none other than Nolan North, with leading off to the moon to fight the Chinese and rescue US hostages. It’s not long before Cigar’s big dumb Ooh-Rah mouth gets the Russians involved- well, that and the facts of the case you just slaughtered a cluster of their scientists- and before long you’re blasting your road through Comrade The Russian’s Intergalactic infantries, get into a fight with an evil parallel aspect version of yourself and piercing your ship right through the guts of a giant dark-green seat dragon. It’s all ridiculously OTT stuff and boastings a awesome hand-drawn style that calls to thoughts Adult Swim and Beavis and Butthead, while an extremely un-PC, insult-everything-on-earth, South Park line in comedy throws the whole thing a pleasingly anarchic punk vibe.

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