Review: AeternoBlade II – A Host Of Good Ideas Wiped Out By Shoddy Execution


The center difficulty with AeternoBlade II is that it tries too hard to fit too many elements into its gameplay and, in doing so, ensures that pretty much nothing it attempts undertakings as well as it should. Exactly like its 2014 precede, this is a title that constricts in time manipulation baffles, side-scrolling hack-and-slash action, Metroidvania-style backtracking, platforming, light-headed RPG elements, an epic narration and endless reams of time-based skills and combos. This sequel then contributes the ability to play as three different reputations and some certainly ill-advised 3D engagement areas that lead to a game which feels as though it’s falling apart at the seams and, if anything, is worse than its very average progenitor.

In numerous routes, it’s hard not to feel for Thai developers Corecell. This is a title that’s been in development since 2015; originally scheduled for a 2017 console liberation, it’s undoubtedly been a long, hard-boiled road that’s taken its fee on the end product and you can sense the amount of work that’s been involved in even getting it to this point. There’s an enormous amount of game here with some good ideas in the concoction, but they’re scuppered at almost every turn by a serious lack of polish and elaboration, myriad structures crashing with each other into a mess that’s more of a headache to play than it is fun or engaging.

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