Planetside 3 is still in development, and Arena is the “stepping stone” to get there

Daybreak Games is still working on Planetside 3, and last month’s Arena spin-off is how it plans to get there.

One month on from propelling the kinda-sorta-battle-royale spin-off Planetside Arena into Early Access, developer Daybreak has posted to reassure devotees that a full-fledged threequel is still in the works.

Writing on the Planetside blog on Friday, executive farmer Andy Sites gave a few more indications towards where the massively multiplayer shooter could go next. Planetside 1 and 2 went big on a continental scale, but it sounds like 3 wants to go interstellar.

Daybreak are looking at leaving the planet behind for a” full-fledged galactic crusade with empires exploring, colonizing and inhibiting one another” on a galactic magnitude. Arena, then, is there to serve as a “stepping stone” between Planetside 2 and 3.

Running a smaller spin-off tells them travel wild with new ideas without absolutely ending Planetside 2′ s match. Seven times in, Daybreak is shy to make any changes to the fixed continental back-and-forth.

” PS2 offers a very unique experience that the current, active community experiences. Trying to incorporate different play plans or modes of romp or even trying out new modes would be disruptive- potentially catastrophically .”

To service this, Arena will soon get more modes and boasts to play around with. This includes a non-BR mode that hopes to bring in some of Planetside’s mass combat via shorter sessions. This drop-in mode will arrive with a new delineate, plus a wider range of vehicles and weapons. Daybreak isn’t keen on lingering in beta, either.

Once core features and content for Arena are in, the studio wants to” GTFO of Early Access” ASAP.

A massive brand-new sequel and two continued live competitions, though? Those are ambitious goals for a studio that only suffered its second round of layoffs in under a year. 60 -7 0 more hires lost their jobs last-place December in order to” optimize its organize “.

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