League of Legends patch 9.22 notes – Rise of the Elements

League of Legends patch 9.22 notes – Rise of the Elements

Another second Wednesday, another LoL patch cycle, as your world-weary flat-capped Yorkshire games scribe granddad were saying down t’pub. LoL patch 9.21 is now live, 9.22 is getting underway on t’PBE, and it’s a big one.

Big changes are afoot for Preseason 2020, with some wide-ranging rebalances throughout the whole of video games and a brand new gameplay mechanic that can literally reshape Summoner’s Rift: Rise of the Elements. Those gameplay changes include a refresh of the assistance provided options in the shop and some tweaks to Lethality parts – notably, you can expect much less gold from the latter for farming minions.

Rise of the Elements, meanwhile, looses the primal sorcery of the Elemental Drakes. Four such drakes representing the classical elements can now be found in Summoner’s Rift, with the element of the third drake killed reshaping the map in interesting methods. When the fourth is killed, the team that wreak it down gets a strong buff called a Dragon Soul. Read on for all the very latest changes, piping hot from the PBE, and recollect as always that everything below is subject to change so check back often for updates.

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