Hundred Days makes the complex process of winemaking palatable

There’s ever person at the working party who thinks they’re a wine expert, and whether they like it or not, they ever come across as a little hateful. Perhaps because winetasting has always been the preserve of the elite, it’s difficult to ask said person questions about wine without feeling a bit stupid or uncultured. And, even if you are one of the person or persons luck enough to have visited a vineyard( as I have – bougie, I know ), you may not know much about the actual process of representing wine.

Enter Hundred Days: a winemaking simulator that’s here to help you learn what on earth malolactic fermenting is. It’s a beautiful and charming tournament made by Broken Arms Games, and I managed to get my hands on their first public demo at this year’s EGX.

As you can probably imagine, this dev team sure knows their wine-coloured, and have been visiting vineyards for “research” roles. You can also tell from the degree of the systems in this game, which are designed to allow some serious micro-management at practically every stage of the winemaking process. Vine managements? Check. Yeast selection? Check. Deciding whether you’re selling top-tier vintage or goon? Also check.

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