Feature: How Switch Brings Back Game Boy Multiplayer Memories

A link( cable) to the past.

Quite apart from the huge number of great activities coming to the system every week, one result of Switch’s success that we’ve really experienced is the way it has brought back a focus on neighbourhood multiplayer gaming not accompanied since the N64 days. Online is still king, of course, but we’d argue there’s nothing fairly like the rush of adrenaline you get from being in the same room as your challengers. Friendly rivalries balloon into personal vendettums, whether your mate steal victory from you with an unsportsmanlike Blue Shell last round, or perhaps mortal hasn’t done the washing up like they said they would and it’s time to unleash your fury.

The ability to snap off( read: carefully detach) the Joy-Con and experience some Mario Kart or Smash Bros . wherever you happens to be reminds us of a experience long ago when we would coordinate multiplayer meetups that required a little more forethought than our impromptu rooftop parties these days. Surely, it is most often involve strategy out months in advance the games and hardware you and your friends would buy to ensure multiplayer was even possible.

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