Disco Elysium: where to find your badge and missing shoes

There are many riddles to solve in Disco Elysium, including the confusing disappearance of your footwear.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at where you can find your missing shoes and your detective’s badge which you’ve unfortunately misplaced due to mysterious circumstances.

You can tackle Disco Elysium’s seeks in various ways depending on what skills you choose, so there’s often more than one path to go about things.

Some alternatives can abruptly discontinue your play, so recollect to use a bit of logic alongside your skillset when making decisions.

If you’re new to Disco Elysium, consider this your only spoiler warning.

Where to find your missing button

To find your missing badge, you’ll need to wait until the irrigate fastening is sterilized on daylight three. Before then, it’s impossible to find, so carry on with different activities until then.

When the day lastly wheels around, you’ll be able to find it in your vehicle north of the bridge. It’s half submerge in the sparkler near the pawnshop it flew over- good job.

Where to find your missing shoes

Congrats; you were so shitfaced last-place nighttime that you lost your shoes. Fortunately for you, they aren’t so difficult to track down. You can interact with the green scatters to gather evidence of what went on the previous evening.

Having high Visual Calculus will benefit you in this instance as you assess the damage around you. One shoe can be located on the rack near the door. Your necktie can be found on the ceiling follower, and your shirt and jacket are also closeby. Pants are optional.

The next shoe is easy to miss, though you can choose to ignore finding it if you’re not inconvenienced about being fully garmented. You’ll notice there’s a smashed space to the left. Depending on your Logic and Visual Calculus abilities, you’ll be able to determine that either you or someone else hurled your shoe through the window.

Head on out to the balcony to find your shoe and terminated your detective seem. Now, premier on out to retrace the rest of your stairs and solve a murder.

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