Call of Duty Modern Warfare replaces the ‘Prestige’ system with more complicated Officer Ranks

You won’t have any of your functions or parts re-locked in the brand-new Modern Warfare- there’s a whole new leveling system.

A new upright on the Activision Blog details mutates made to the progression system in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and how the Prestige system has been replaced. The brand-new structure is designed to give players more wages, and to keep them satisfied and leveling up without needing to reset.

The usual 1-55 heights are your’ Enlisted Ranks ‘, but the Seasonal Officer Ranks are what you’ll be running your XP into formerly you reached 55. Once you hit the 55 th grade- Command Sergeant Major V – you’ll arrived here Officer Rank 1, which will give you 100 new positions to progress through per season.

Going through the Officer Ranks is a lot like going through the Enlisted Ranks, in that you do it by earning XP. You too get Officer Challenges as you rank up, though, and you pay more XP through completing them, which gives you seasons ribbons that can be exchanged for seasonal insigniums. Getting through all 100 stages in a season unlocks a artillery blueprint and an animated emblem. Phew.

You’ll also be able to earn XP for’ Challenge Missions ‘, multi-step objectives that are accessed and initiated in the Barracks menu. Artilleries will likewise have, on average, 50 connects to open, so there’s a whole bunch of nonsense to earn in Modern Warfare.

The game liberations for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 25. That’s this week!

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